The mission of The New York Reality TV School is to train and develop non-actors, and actors, through the spectrum of experiences a reality TV contestant/actor will face: from the audition, to the many interviews you'll go through and the actual show. NYRTVS is not about giving away 'secrets'. We are about finding and hi-lighting what makes you unique, building your confidence and examining how you package yourself so you can best get cast on the show of your choosing. We trains students to be exciting confident members of Reality TV casts and to have a strong understanding of the specific technical principles and professional aspects of acting and how it translates to being cast on a reality TV show. Students will work rigorously through coaching sessions and on camera exercises in order to readily showcase the dynamic qualities of their personalities and to be able to shine, showcase and supercede the expectations of cast mates, producers and audiences. To this end NYRTVS provides a uniquely designed curriculum and a super knowledgeable and experienced staff for it’s students. We reserve the right to alter/adjust the curriculum based on the composition and interests of students attending.

The New York Reality TV School, founded by Robert Galinsky, is the only organization of its kind and is pioneering the development of reality TV training in order for professionals and beginners to take their place as authentic, confident and vibrant real people, entertainers and personalities on any reality TV show.

"I learned more in one session with Robert Galinsky, than I did in weeks of class. His style is unique, effective, and worth the investment!" - Charles Mack (Academy Award nominee, "August Rush")



Robert Galinsky - Founder / Master Teacher / Ring Master

"Robert Galinsky stands out as one of the few professionals in show business who can spot talent, work talent and improve upon the talent that is already there. He is someone to work with!" - Terry Schnuck Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer "Spring Awakening"

"This (Robert Galinsky) guy has 'it'! Ive sat in on his classes and he is the one teacher who can bring any actor to the brink and back. He is a master of directing monologue and upgrading audition technique - youll walk out ready to book work! - Tuffy Questell Casting Director TEC Casting Spike Lee's: Bamboozled, "Son of Sam" as well as 100 Centre Street, The 25th Hour, Get Rich or Die Tryin

Robert Galinsky is the founder of The New York Reality TV School and has spent his career creating provocative art and entertainment in theater, television and on the internet. He performs and lectures nationally and internationally, and is the co-creator and co-host of the bi-coastal phenomenon: The Manhattan Monologue Slam. As an acting coach, Roberts clients include Academy Award Nominee Charles Mack ("August Rush"), Hip Hop artist turned actor 50 Cent and Reality TV star Jorge Bendersky of Animal Planet’s “Groomer Has It” among others. He has worked with actors Quentin Crisp, Willem DeFoe, Roger Guenveur Smith, and is currently collaborating with Jamal Joseph, and the OSCAR nominated IMPACT Repertory Theater in Harlem, along with legendary producer musician Nile Rodgers.

Robert is also a highly sought-after director/producer who recently directed the acclaimed online web series MySpace Rants and he continues to develop, produce and direct promotions for CBS, VH1, NBC, FOX TV, American Express, MSN and others. He is a founding member of the international peace movement 3 Dot Dash and recently co-MC'd the We Are Family Gala at the Hammerstein Ballroom (with Grammy winner Nile Rodgers) helping to raise over $250,000 for teen social justice and peace efforts world wide. He has appeared on stage in NYC at numerous venues as an actor and on television on HBO, CNN and VH1, and his one man show The Bench: A Homeless Love Story was ran at the Kitchen and Red Room in NYC, and was performed by invitation at the University of Aberswyth in Wales UK.

Galinsky's work stems from the place of the heart, whether he is teaching, directing, performing or producing- his vision extends from caring and trusting in people.  Read More.....


Robert Russell - Casting Director / Advisor / "Green Light Red Flag"

"Robert Russell loves actors, and he gets them; from the beginner to the pro, he provokes and inspires -- with utmost respect and attention to craft -- to win trust, confidence, and the best possible performance every time." Dinah Lenney (Nurse Shirley on "ER", NBC)

"Robert is one of the most intelligent, down to earth, industry savvy Casting Directors I have ever met. He consistently works with A-List celebrities, and has a knack for selecting amazing talent. I had the pleasure to work with him on a project for NBC in 2003, and he still remains one of my most favorite people in the business!" Susanna Hari, Actor/Producer

With over 25 years of casting under his belt, Robert Russell has worked for such heavyweights as Warner Brothers/Telepictures, Mark Burnett, Abel Ferrara, Ben Silverman, Roy Bank (The President of Television at Merv Griffin Entertainment), Maverick and every Network casting everything from feature to test shows and countless pilots for other network executive producer heavyweights like Howard Schultz, Gary Marks, Michael Canter, Jeff Olde and Lois Clark Curran. He has also worked as a casting producer on a plethora of Reality Shows. Robert has a knack for finding that special "X" factor, whether he is working with actors, models, children and especially newcomers, Robert gives everyone a chance to show their stuff and then finds the best place for them to showcase their talents.

Robert is responsible for auditioning and casting Jay Overbye for ABC'S "The Bachelor" and Zora Andritch for FOX's hit "Joe Millionaire" and has been the remote casting director/producer for 7 of the 10 NYC open calls for the CBS hit show "Big Brother" as well the NYC casting for Mega Game Shows like FOX's "The Moment of Truth". He has worked on and cast such shows like Nickelodeon's "Hi Jinx", CBS's "Rock Star INXS", NBC's "The Restaurant", NBC's "The Apprentice", NBC's "The Casino", Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", VH1's "My Generation" and a "LIVE" Reality Series also on NBC called "Phenomenon" starring Chriss Angel & Uri Geller, which aired not long ago. And he was also the Senior Casting Coordinator some years ago on the old Telepictures hit "Dating Show" called "Change of Heart" and ran the Field Representative Department for 3 seasons and cast "The Dating Game" with game show veteran host Chuck Woolery when the show came back for a very successful second coming in the mid 90's. He also developed a show with the legendary 60's drummer Carmine Appice & Leslie Gold (The Radio Chick) Carmine who was the backbone behind Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, (he co-wrote "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" with Rod) and created the psychedelic 60's Rock Band's "Vanilla Fudge" and "Cactus" and continues to be one of the greatest "session" drummers out there today. Leslie, who reigned as the Queen of K-Rock here in NYC for a number of years.

Robert is also producing and developing a slew of other projects including one with Jeanette Lee "The Black Widow", who's the number one ranked pool player in the world. And just a brief note about his family .. they all have all been quite successful, Robert the Casting Director, his cousin Robin Antin who is the creator/founder of "The Pussycat Dolls" who had major success with her Reality show "The Search For the Next Pussycat Doll" on the CW, his cousin Jonathan Antin is the hairdresser to the stars who graced the Bravo Network with 3 seasons of his hit show "Blowout", and cousin Steve Antin who is a successful screenwriter/director who "re-wrote" the screenplay for the re-make of the feature film "Gloria" starring Sharon Stone and has an extensive body of work as a very successful actor in the 80's with screen credits such as "The Accused" opposite Jodi Foster who won the Oscar for best actress, Steven Speilbergs "The Goonies", "Silver Spoons" starring "little" Ricky Schroeder, "Quincy" starring Jack Klugman as well as series regular on NYPD Blue as the Brooklyn narcotic cop Detective Sevito. And his Aunt who was the creative director at Motown for a great many years, and his cousin Neil Antin who was a successful cameraman for shows like "Extra" and "Inside Edition". In any event, Robert is one of the most respected casting director/producers in the Entertainment Business from coast to coast and is an asset to anyone's panel across the globe.


Jorge Bendersky - Reality Royalty / Staff Lecturer / "Top Ten Tips"

Currently star of Animal Planet’s “Groomer Has It”, Jorge Bendersky truly is a celebrity groomer. From models to actors, from billionaires to recording artists, Jorge trims and fluffs the four-legged children of some of the New York City's elite. Jorge's talents will now be seen across the country on Animal Planet's new reality show, "The Groomer Has It".

Jorge has been interviewed about his Reality TV role by MSNBC, The Today Show, FOX News, The New York Daily News, New York Metro, Good Morning America and after months of the grueling process from auditioning to casting calls to doing the actual show, he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Born in Buenos Aires, Jorge Bendersky became interested in the sport of dog breeding and showing at a very early age. Growing up on his family's hacienda in Argentina, he inherited the tradition of caring for the animals on the ranch. Jorge also learned to manage all the myriad aspects of ranch life including it's facilities and employees. Later in life, he took on the duty of managing his family's boutique hotels across Argentina. His experience with the family business gives Jorge the ability to work with people AND pets! His career started at age 11 when Jorge had his own registered kennel and started breeding and showing dogs. At 18, he became the youngest FCI judge to be assigned to a national dog show.  Read More .....


Philip Galinsky - Actor / Director / "On the Grill With Phil"

Philip Galinsky is Co-Creator of the MMSlam & co-host to brother Robert. Philip has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, ESPN Classic, A&E, & USA networks. Currently his work at the New York Reality TV School has been featured on ABC's Nightline E! and The Today Show. Philip can now be seen on the TV show Wake Up to a Break Up. Philip recently had a guest spot on the TV show Cheap Seats. He also has appeared on The NFL Quarterback Club. He also can be seen in the feature film Dark Eyes. This winter Philip will be performing his one person show "Philip Galinsky presents The Best of Craigslist". "Hilarious, you have to see this show Philip's characters are comic monsters". Casting Director Robert Russell. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.


Risa Tanania - Staff Lecturer / Casting Director / "Do's and Don'ts of Casting"

Risa Tanania is a casting director with nearly a decade worth of experience working in reality tv and documentary programming. She has cast many popular shows including Cash Cab, Wife Swap, and MTV's groundbreaking documentary series True Life. She has also worked as a producer on numerous shows as well as her own small films that have made the round of festivals in the country. Currently, she is the in-house casting director at Stick Figure Productions - a leading independent film and television company in New York City who have produced such well known shows as Life in the Fab Lane with Kimora Lee Simmons and Amish in the City. She received her Masters of Art in Intermedia from the University of Iowa and currently resides in Manhattan with her dog, Charles Bukowski.


Dave Martin - Reality TV "Star" / Restauranteur / Guest Lecturer

Millions of fans around the country recognize Dave Martin as the inimitable and beloved chef from Bravo TV's "Top Chef” Season One. Undeniably the most popular chef on the show, he won viewer’s hearts and palates with his intense layering of flavors and vivid descriptions of his dishes. His approachable yet sophisticated take on old classics, like his signature Black Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese, made him a hit from the streets of NYC to the shores of St. Tropez. And, of course, Dave has forever secured a place in pop culture and Wikipedia with his hit line: “I’m not your bitch, bitch.” His line of t-shirts bearing the phrase has been the top seller on the website and sold out several times over.

There’s no doubt that Dave is on the “it” list in Hollywood! Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hired him to cater their 20th birthday party, where he served a vegetarian and seafood menu. He’s recently been spotted on the red carpet with Charlize Theron, Russell Simmons, Lindsey Lohan, Ivanka Trump, Rachel Bilson and Chef Yossi (Dustin Hoffman’s personal chef), and his catering company was hired to cater the star-studded L.A. Philharmonic/Hollywood Bowl’s annual summer launch party. He also served his tasty morsels at the Extra TV’s exclusive Emmy suite in August 2006.

It’s not just viewers and celebs who love Dave, his passionate and infectious personality also endeared him to judges and guests on “Top Chef”. After winning a multi-faceted challenge that showed off his outstanding recipes and people skills, Dave was hand-picked by restaurant mogul Jeffrey Chodorow’s (Social) to cook with his team at the Cannes Film Festival. Along with Jeffrey and celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein (Michy’s), Dave prepared delectable dishes at an exclusive party for executives from Jimmy Choo, Halle Barry and Hugh Jackman on Social’s $30 million yacht.

Dave’s background is diverse and his rise to “chefhood” was not without its roadblocks. After pursuing a degree in English at the University of Redlands, Dave ran a successful hi-tech recruiting firm in Newport Beach. When the technology market crashed in 2000, he made the choice to start over again, change careers mid-life and to pursue his true passion – cooking.

Dave now resides in New York where he is busy with his new restaurant ‘Crave on 42nd’, teaching classes at The Culinary Loft in Soho, and traveling on the road for various events. The new year is stacking up nicely for Dave with a Latin American/Southwestern and New Mexico fused restaurant concept called Bandolero set to open in Los Angeles. Additionally, he will be launching a new web based cooking program on, giving lectures at The Natural Gourmet Institute, and consulting with students at Stern/NYU on a new fast casual concept for the city.